Our products are based on two patented technologies, Kord® Interface Technology (KordIT) and the ShotDot Technology, both of which are owned by KordTech Pty Ltd. A brief description of both is given below. Further information will be added to this page in the form of Product Brochures and Data Sheets.


Kord Interface Technology (“KordIT”) consists of a body of Intellectual Property that provides users with a fast way
of controlling multiple electronic devices and systems while being “eyes on, hands on” ®

KordIT was originally conceived and developed at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to control the WetPC® underwater computer – which is listed as Australia’s Invention for 1993 . At the time it comprised a simple
5 button controller which was operated in concert with a Chordic Graphical User Interface.

Since then the Technology has matured significantly, diversifying into a variety of different and more flexible forms.
It has developed into a generic, programmable, push button control technology that currently has application in military, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial shooting markets.

KordIT comprises Intellectual Property that can be divided into the four main elements below.

WetPC Underwater Computer.jpg

Chordic Software:

  • Chordic Graphical User Interface (CGUI)

  • Chordic Engine

  • Chordic Control System

  • Distributed Chording System (DCS)

Chordic Hardware and Accessories:

  • Rifle Input Control (RIC) / Rifle Accessory Control Unit* (RACU) Technology

    • RIC/RACU* System

    • CQB RIC/RACU V2* System

    • W-RIC/W-RACU* System

  • Remote Switch Assemblies

  • Radio Control Box (RCB)

  • USB PC Wireless Module

  • Data Logging Module

Application Software:

  • User Configuration and Programming Interfaces

  • Wireless applications

Training, Testing and Simulation Packages:

  • User Guides

  • Interactive Training Software

  • Data Logging and Reporting Software

  • Competency Testing Software

  • Training Simulation Software (VBS2/3 compatible)

A presentation brief on the RIC Technology can be found here.


The ShotDot Technology is a novel shot counting system that was initially developed during research on KordIT. It accurately and reliably records, stores and sends shot data using state-of-the art sensors and software.

More information on this exciting and world-leading technology is coming soon.

* Name in the USA