Our products are based on two patented technologies, Kord® Interface Technology (KordIT) and the ShotDot Technology, both of which are owned by KordTech Pty Ltd. A brief description of both is given below. Further information will be added to this page in the form of Product Brochures and Data Sheets.


Kord Interface Technology (“KordIT”) consists of a body of Intellectual Property that provides users with a fast way
of controlling multiple electronic devices and systems while being “Eyes on, hands on” ®

KordIT was originally conceived and developed at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) to control the WetPC® underwater computer – which is listed as Australia’s Invention for 1993 . At the time it comprised a simple
5 button controller which was operated in concert with a Chordic Graphical User Interface.

Since then the Technology has matured significantly, diversifying into a variety of different and more flexible forms.
It has developed into a generic, programmable, push button control technology that currently has application in military, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial shooting markets.

Kord® IT comprises Intellectual Property that can be divided into the four main elements below.

Chordic Software:

  • Chordic Graphical User Interface (CGUI)

  • Chordic Engine

  • Chordic Control System

  • Distributed Chording System (DCS)

Chordic Hardware and Accessories:

  • Rifle Input Control (RIC) / Rifle Accessory Control Unit* (RACU) Technology

    • RIC/RACU* System

    • CQB RIC/RACU V2* System

    • W-RIC/W-RACU* System

  • Remote Switch Assemblies

  • Radio Control Box (RCB)

  • USB PC Wireless Module

  • Data Logging Module

Application Software:

  • User Configuration and Programming Interfaces

  • Wireless applications

Training, Testing and Simulation Packages:

  • User Guides

  • Interactive Training Software

  • Data Logging and Reporting Software

  • Competency Testing Software

  • Training Simulation Software (VBS2/3 compatible)

A presentation brief on the RIC Technology can be found here.



The ShotDot Technology is a novel shot counting system that was initially developed during research on KordIT. It accurately and reliably records, stores and sends shot data using state-of-the art sensors and software.

More information on this exciting and world-leading technology is coming soon.