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Kord Defence is a world leader in the provision of mobile interface control solutions for operators in the Military, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement markets. 

We design, develop and produce a range of programmable, push-button control systems that enable soldiers and other operators to keep “head up, eyes on target, hands on weapon”®.

Our patented technology (called Kord® Interface Technology or KordIT for short) helps people in hazardous and stressful situations to operate their increasingly complex electronic equipment quickly, instinctively, and safely.

Our mission is to provide those on the front line with a better, faster, safer way of controlling their electronic devices – anytime and anywhere.

We have an experienced management team and board with skills in research and financial management, defence procurement, capital raising, corporate governance and commercial law. Our small but highly skilled technical team has experience in the research, development and production of both software and hardware technologies.

We also obtain specialist services and professional advice from a network of highly qualified companies as well as from individuals within our investor community.

We develop and produce all of our core IP in-house.

Our technical capabilities have been enhanced through strong partnerships with highly innovative Australian companies such as Tiller Design (Industrial design and development), Lintek (PCB manufacture) and Precision Electronic Technologies  (PCB Assembly and cabling).

We are looking to commercialise KordIT through strong and market-focused alliances with world leading manufacturers and system integrators.

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