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Kord Group Governance

Board Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Board’s general role is one of oversight and monitoring, and particularly to ensure that effective governance processes and appropriate risk management frameworks are in place to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulators’ policies.

  • Directors understand the Kord brand, innovation and the centralised control system technologies we deliver.

  • Directors are responsible for oversight of the affairs of the company and are required to comply with their legal obligations as a Director under all relevant legislation.

  • Directors are expected to be fully up-to-date on all key matters that affect the company and its performance, including its financial position, question managers and staff about how the business is going and take an active role in Board meetings.

  • Directors are also expected to display a high standard of care, skill and diligence and to act in good faith at all times to promote the success of the company.

  • The Board meets up to 11 times in a year. Directors are expected to attend, either in person or by teleconference, the majority of meetings held during that time.


KordTech Pty Ltd Board of Directors Profiles


Uwe Boettcher has over 40 years’ experience in commercial and corporate law in both top tier and independent firms. In that time, he has acted for many Australian public companies, banks and credit providers as well as leading insurance firms in a range of legal matters. Uwe was appointed a Fellow of FINSIA (the Financial Services Institute of Australasia) in 2007, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance in 2005, Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand College of Notaries in 2009 and Foundation Fellow of the Australian Association of Angel Investors in 2011.


He was a past Treasurer of the ACT Law Society, and past Chairman of the National Health Sciences Centre Ltd and the Australasian Legal Alliance. He was chairperson of the ASX listed Xtek Limited and maintains special interests in investing in early-stage companies. He is a co-founder and past chair of Capital Angels having invested personally in numerous small companies either as an active director and chairperson or as a passive investor. Uwe has advised numerous companies on capital raisings, corporate governance, commercial disputes and corporate borrowing, both as a lawyer and as an independent mentor. Uwe is a founding shareholder in Kord and joined the Board as its Chairman in May 2008.

PETER MORAN BSc (Hons), PhD [Group Managing Director]

Peter Moran is a highly experienced senior executive with over 30 years’ experience in managing and leading research and technology organisations in both the public and private sectors. He was awarded a PhD in marine science in 1982 and in that same year a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Australian Institute of Marine Science where he studied the effects of crown-of-thorns starfish on coral communities. Subsequently, he assumed leadership of a large multidisciplinary and international research program on the starfish and became as world-recognised authority on the problem. He is the author of over 100 scientific and journal publications, and the author/co-author of several patents and registered designs. He has been a member of a number of Australian Government and International Committees.


Peter was Acting Director of AIMS in 1993, and a board member of the Great Barrier Reef CRC, the Aquaculture CRC Ltd, and the Queensland Manufacturing Institute. Since co-founding WetPC Pty Ltd in 1999, which led to the development of the Kord Group in 2007,he has been successful in securing over $10m in funding to support Kord’s operations. In that time, he has also gained extensive experience in strategic and business planning, technology commercialisation and financing, intellectual property protection, marketing and promotions, and media relations. He is currently the Managing Director of the Kord Group and CEO of its 4 subsidiaries.

DOMINIC W KELLY CFP, Dip FP, MBus, BAppSc, BTh, AAII [Executive Director/President]

Dominic Kelly has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry as well as extensive private equity skills, particularly in angel investing. He holds a Master of Business, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics), and a Bachelor of Theology. He is also a Certified Financial Planner; an Affiliate of the Australian Institute of Insurance and a Member of the Financial Planning Association. He is a past Chairman of the Catholic Development Fund for the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, and Director of the Catholic Social Services Australia and Capital Angels.


Dominic is currently the Chairman of Capital Angels and a former director of Pacific Eastcoast Pty Ltd, which is a provider of property investment opportunities and professional support to more than 700 Accountants and Financial Planners around Australia. He established his own AFSL in 2007 with Empire Financial Planning, prior to selling the business in 2015. Dominic joined the Board of Kord in May 2012 and is a substantial shareholder in the business. He is currently the President of ShotDot Pty Ltd, and its subsidiary ShotDot USA Inc., both of which are owned by KordTech Pty Ltd.


Mark Smethurst joined the Board of Kord in January 2020 and is an accomplished senior executive leader, with a highly successful track record commanding large and diverse teams both in Australia and overseas with a focus on national and international security issues.


Mark served over 35 years in the Australian Army, 27 in Special Forces including Squadron command at the Special Air Services Regiment and Commanding the 2nd Commando Regiment. He was the Deputy Commander of Australian Special Forces Forces, Commander of NATO Special Forces in Afghanistan and was the first non-US Officer to be posted to HQ US Special Operations command as the Deputy Chief of Operations. Mark is an expert in resolving specialized complex strategic challenges.

He departed the Australian Army in early 2017 and ran the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) as Commissioner until March 2019. Since then, he has established his own consultancy business to assist companies with strategies, product development and networking of capabilities. He also provides advice on leadership, change management and strategic planning through to board and senior advisory roles. He is a member of the Global SOF Foundation, Chair of the Commando Welfare Trust, a non-executive director of HighCom Ltd, and an advisor to the Boards of Klas Group and CISTECH.

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