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SHOTDOT® Win at Australian Good Design Awards

Kate Fenning


Kord Group celebrate ShotDot™ technology winning best product at AGDA

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, 9 SEPTEMBER 2023: KORD GROUP a world leader in the provision of smart,
push-button control and shot detection technologies announced today that its shot detection product,
the ShotDot,® had been recognised as a winner in this year’s Australian Good Design Awards.

The prestigious annual Good Design Awards program is the nation’s highest design honour
and has been recognised and rewarding excellence in cutting edge design and breakthrough
innovation since 1958. The program celebrates the best in design and architecture across 11
main design disciplines spanning more than 30 categories. The 2023 Awards Jury involved
more than 60 design experts from Australia and around the world.

Group Managing Director, Dr Peter Moran, said “I am delighted that the ShotDot™ has been
recognised at the highest level for its novel design” He went on the say that “there were many
challenges in producing this world-leading product not the least of which was how to fit the
technology into a very small form factor which would meet the stringent requirements of the
market for accuracy, performance and security.”

“It is testament to the skills and abilities of our industrial design partner, Tiller Design, that they
were able to come up with a highly innovative design that overcame these challenges” he said.
The ShotDot™, which was officially launched into the American law enforcement market in
March of this year, fits into the already existing space of a standard police, military or
commercial issue Glock pistol, and accurately records the time, date, and number of discharges
from the firearm.

Users of the device can access the tamper-proof data for judicial and administrative reviews,
weapons performance, maintenance review, and other purposes.

“The Glock market in the US is huge, and we want to get the ShotDot™ out to law
enforcement, Homeland Security as well as into the commercial market," said ShotDot™
executive director Dominic Kelly.

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