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SHOTDOT® Selected for Utah state purchasing Contract

14 November 2023

world leader in the provision of smart, push-button control and shot detection technologies

announced today that its US subsidiary, ShotDot USA Inc., had been awarded a sole
source procurement contract to provide its shot counting product, called the ShotDot®,
to law enforcement agencies in the State of Utah.

Originally developed in Australia, the ShotDot® is an intelligent enhancement for Glock®
pistols that accurately and reliably counts shots. The technology has been developed
particularly for use during after-action and post-incident reviews.

Kord Group Managing Director, Dr Peter Moran said, "We are committed to enhancing officer
performance, public safety, and fostering community trust.” He went on to say that “This
contract marks a significant achievement for the Kord Group in realising its goal of delivering
accurate, dependable, and data-driven solutions for law enforcement that greatly improve
evidence accuracy during after-action and judicial investigations. It will prove itself to be
an essential technology for understanding what happened during future officer involved

Law enforcement agencies across Utah will be able to seamlessly incorporate ShotDot's
highly accurate and precise shot tracking technology into their Glock pistols. With every
shot fired, ShotDot uniquely identifies and documents data for each bullet and is immediately
stored and transferred to a database linked to every officer's gun. By documenting every
shot, it leaves no uncertainty as to the number of shots fired, what order they were fired in,
and what time they were shot, thereby providing extensive accuracy and transparency
during any investigation.

Executive Director, Dominic Kelly said, “We are delighted that the ShotDot has been chosen
by Utah as its Firearm Shot Tracking Technology of choice. Our primary focus now is to
ensure that the needs of law enforcement agencies across the State are met to the highest
possible standard. We also look forward to introducing this highly innovative and worldleading
technology into other States and markets across the US”

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