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Kord to provide its RACU technology to US SOCOM

Peter Moran

18 May 2022

Kord Defence announced today that it had signed a contract with Mountain Horse Solutions, which will see its RACU System being used to control advanced technologies that are being developed for US SOCOM.

The RACU Technology is a programmable, push-button control system that enables the front line operator to control their electronic devices, quicker and safer, without having to take either their eyes off the target or their hands off their weapon.

CEO, Dr Peter Moran, said that "Kord was extremely pleased that its Technology had been chosen for such an important project and looked forward to working with Mountain Horse and its innovative team".


Kord Defence is part of the Kord Group of companies, which comprises of Kord Defence, KordUSA ShotDot and ShotdotUSA. It develops and produces innovative push-button control technologies and shot counting technologies for soldiers, police and other front-line operators to improve their overall performance, assurance and safety.

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