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Welcome to the Kord Group.

We are a privately owned group of technology companies, formed in 2007 and headquartered in Canberra Australia, comprising KordTech Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries, Kord Defence Pty Ltd, KordUSA Inc, and Shotdot Pty Ltd. 

We develop and produce innovative push-button control and shot recording technologies for the military, law enforcement, homeland security and commercial shooting markets. The technologies are designed to greatly improve operator performance and safety, as well as after-action review, logistics and maintenance.

We believe that those on the front-line, whose job it is to keep us safe, no matter whether they are soldiers, special forces, police or customs and border agents, deserve the very best technology to do their job.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology that keeps them safer, enables them to perform better, make decisions faster, and improves their overall operations.  

Contact us: +61 (2) 5100 5043 or info@korddefence.com.au

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Kord to provide its RACU Technology to US SOCOM

Kord Defence announced today that it had signed a contract with Mountain Horse Solutions, which will see its RACU System being used to control advanced technologies that are being developed for US SOCOM.


18 May 2022

Kord selected for US Army Testing

Kord announced today that its technology had been selected by the US Army to take part in the 2022 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE 2022) at Fort Benning, Georgia.


5 May 2021

KORD secures contract for C4 EDGE program

Kord announced today that it had signed a contract with EOS Defence Systems Pty Ltd for the next phase of the C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment) Program. EOS was awarded $31.4m contract in December 2020 to develop a demonstration system available by the end of this year.


20 January 2021


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