Kord Quickpress RIC

Kord Quickpress RIC


The Rifle Input Control (RIC) System provides a centralised point of control for all weapon mounted and body worn electronic devices carried by a soldier. It enables the soldier to simply and quickly operate these devices without either taking their eyes off task or hands off the weapon.

  • Operational Benefits

    • Improve soldier performance and combat effectiveness: Decrease target engagement and target hand-off times with rapid control of accessory functions. Sub-second response times with significantly less error enables multi-tasking – even when mobile. Instinctively operate all weapon mounted and body worn devices, while remaining in firing position. Increased ability to engage the enemy since hands on weapon and eyes on target at all times.

    • Reduce soldier cognitive load and improve survivability: Instinctive eyes-free control reduces mental strain on soldier and provides full situational awareness. Decrease probability of detection from hand and arm movement by controlling all electronic devices using the non-master hand from the weapon.

    • Reduce system complexity and improve soldier integration: Eliminates the need for multiple separate controls and cables located at different positions on the soldier’s weapon and body. One simple and consistent interface that integrates the soldier to his system sensors and communications. The controls of individual accessories can still be used if the system fails.

    • Improve Training: Train on the use of all accessories and quantitatively measure performance using computer simulation (VBS2). No need to retrain if accessories change as operation of key functions remains the same.

    • Reduce life cycle costs: Increases the utility of legacy equipment and permits growth as additional or new accessories are added. Reduces training costs and the need to buy multiple switches and cables.

  • Features

    • Intuitive to learn: learn 12 functions to full competency in under an hour.

    • Instinctive to operate: uses muscle memory; can be operated on the move.

    • Scalable: Can be used to control as many, or as few, accessories as necessary. Operation remains the same.

    • Expansible. Can be readily updated to control new or upgraded accessories.

    • Adaptable and reconfigurable: Can be reprogrammed for different roles and missions.

    • Rugged and reliable: fully dust and water protected (to depth of 20m) - IP68.

    • Ergonomic design: dual grip; fits 95 percentile human hand (with gloves); compatible with MIL-STD-1913 picatinny and STANAG 4694 NATO rails.

    • Energy efficient: 9mth+ battery life (1 x CR123); Radio Control Box - 6mth+ (2 x AAA alkaline)

    • Light weight: Total: < 200gms (7ozs) (weapon).

    • Multiple interfaces: Usb, Serial, Two Wire (I2C compatible).

    • Wireless (RF) connectivity: from weapon to body worn devices.

    • Controls multiple radios: including PTT, Volume Up/Down, and Channel Up/Down.

    • Integrated and efficient training: Competency based and individualised computer training (based on VBS2) that can be configured for a wide range of weapons and electronic devices.

    • Optional modules: Data logging (for training); Synthetic voice; GPS.